“I am the LAW!” – Judge Dredd

Law #1 There is no magic pill

There isn’t, no matter what uncle joes friend tammi told your sister there is NO magic pill.
There are things that can help along the way. I always recommend three things

Shakeology, all the superfoods, vitamens,prebiotics and digestive enzymes you need

Lioplean, it is a CLA/omega3 supplement that will help you lose weight faster

AMIN.O. Energy, Essential amino acids, Green tea extract and caffine


Law #2: Not all Calories are created equal

We take two people and feed them the same about of calories.
One eats only simple carbs and fats (donuts and sweets) the other only complex carbs and protien (beans and steak).
The man eating fats and sweets will be happy and content till we throw him on a tredmill or in an areobics class.

The Simple carbs and fats will give you a quick boost of energy but are not enough to sustain your day or a workout.The Complex carbs and meat will not only keep up your energy levels up but help maintain /grow muscle tissue.

Law #3 Use it to lose it

If you a pound of fat is 3200 calories you need to use 3200 more calories than you consume.
I say use because this is not about staring at the calorie counter on your treadmill.
Its about Calorie Intake(Food) – BMR(energy used to exist)- movement(exercise).

Example 1: you eat 1800 calories, with a BMR of 2000 you are losing 2 pounds a month without exercising
Example 2: you eat 1800 calories, with a BMR of 2000 and complete Asylum (1000 a workout) thats 11 pounds a month

Law #4 CarbStart your day not Pasta Finish It

You can and should eat carbohydrates. They are important to your diet, giving you the energy to function and workout day after day.
CarbStarting is when you have Carbohydrates like oatmeal, whole wheat toast, or sweet potatoes with your first 2 or 3 meals of the days.
This is a good thing to do as it will not only fuel your day but allow you to use those calories up before you call it a night.
Pasta Finish is when you have a big plate of spaghetti at the end of the day. The carbs /sugers are stored as fat while you lay dormant to sleep.

Law #5 You do not have Aquagenic Urticarial

Aquagenic urticarial is an allergy to water. Its simple you can’t possiably have that allergy. Only 40 cases have been recorded in medical history. so there is no reason for you not to drink a gallon or so everyday. Water is very important to your body. You use it to help with all functions from digestion to movement. If you are consantly filling up on water you won’t have that desire to fill up on coke or DR. Pepper. so unless you are allergic to water, drink up!

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5 thoughts on “The 5 Laws of Weight-loss”

  1. Definitely agree that not all calories are created equal.

    The basic equation is great as a starting point, but I’ve felt my fat loss progress increase drastically as I’ve started manipulating my macros like proteins, carbs, and fats more precisely.

    Anyways, I’m definitely going to be researching this more… The body is definitely very complex and cannot be simplified into general rules in most cases.


    1. Macros are huge once you approach the single digit body fat area. the same ratio won’t work for everyone. but once you understand your body type and what food effect you most you can adjust. My body gains weight almost instantly from white carbs and starches like pizza and french fries

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