Abs of Adamantium

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Everyone wants a rock hard six pack. It looks great when you hit the beach, feels great through on a skin tight shirt, and most importantly of all your abdominals help stabilize the rest of your body. Don’t get me wrong, We all love the look and feel but when it comes down to it, your six pack needs to preform at some point. You think wolverine’s six pack is for show? He uses it every time he rips open a door, tears through a wall, or tries to fight scott summers in the court yard. Strengthening your core is vital and will lead to a better workout and greater overall health.

The right nutrition and supplements play a key role in helping you burn off abdominal fat.  Green Tea, Caffeine and Omega 3 are the ones you will want. That fat burning stack will have your metabolism scorching away fat. You know you could do a million sit ups and never get abs like wolverine?  A normal sit up or crunch only works your abs from 1 or 2 directions.  You need a routine that is designed to hit more than one Ab Angle. Thats where RevAbs Abcentrics™ comes in. It teaches you how to breath to make every exercise an ab exercise. You could try RevAbs, or you hit the Gym with my Abs of Adamantium Routine. Either way you go, you will be ripped and ready for summer.

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Abs of Adamantium

Required Supplements:
Green Tea Extract: 100mg
Caffine: 200mg
Omega 3 fish Oil: 500mg

Add this to your workout 3-6 times a week

Jump Rope for 4 mins
Reverse Crunch
Jump Rope for 4 mins
Hip Thrust
Hold Plank for 2 mins



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    How many people do you think really takes these on a regular basis? Does anyone have any good suggestions to remember? I think we all get some with good intentions, but it is so hard to remember!

    • Mythicon
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      Gonna assume you mean the omega 3’s alot of people take them. Easiest way to remember is to keep your bottle somewhere you have to look every morning then throw it in your purse or lunch bag so you won’t forget to take them. I actually set an alarm on my droid to remind me

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    The bicycle is a killer. good post and good tips.

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    Very good article, well written and very thought out.

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