Arkham isn’t the only Asylum

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Most often when a hero visits an Asylum it is to help put down an uprising or deliver an insane criminal to justice. NOT to take their game to the next level, but that is exactly what I decided to do today. I completed day 1 of  Insanity: The Asylum and let me tell you the Joker has nothing on ShaunT. The man is sick and sadistic. He brings it every minute of the workout and does it with a smile. It’s with out a doubt the hardest workout i have ever attempted, that said its also one of the funnest.

The program is billed as a sports performance workout. The reality is, Asylum is a Performance workout. If you commit yourself 100%, It will take you from Average to extraordinarily. Every move targets a different set of muscles. Every sequence is designed to improve your speed, agility or strength.  Let me put it you this way want Bane’s strength and Harley Quinn’s Agility? you may want to step away from p90x or crossfit , go a little insane,  and step into The Asylum.

Can you survive 30 days in The Asylum?
Can you survive 30 days in The Asylum?



5 Responses

  1. Sharlene Decoteau
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    Amazing work

  2. Tim Yerger
    | Reply

    The Asylum is extreme! I did Speed and Agility this morning! Amazing workout… I agree though with what you said about Shaun T, he is more sadistic than the Joker, do GameDay with Overtime and tell me its not true!

  3. Dan V.
    | Reply

    Asylum is one of the most fun and performance-enhancing workouts I’ve done since P90X. It’s functional, (Back To Core & Strength are for REAL), focused and absolutely awesome. Love it.

  4. James Garr
    | Reply

    Just finished 30 days and loved it. Feel like I can do anything.

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