Body By Design: My Diet Blueprint

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Everyone always wants to know what I ate throughout most of my original transformation. It has always been a difficult question. My diet was never stable enough and I didn’t do a great job of keep track. Like Tony Stark  working on Iron-Man’s flight systems, or Batman designing a new gadget for his utility belt, my diet has always be in flux. I read book after book and tinker with my nutrition daily. In a way I never knew if what I was doing was going to work till it did. These days I watch macros to achive results

That is why it has remained a well  guarded secret. Usually I laugh and jokingly say”Pizza Hut and Taco Bell” just to see the reaction.  However… for the fans of my blog I have  decided to reveal it all.  That said if you are serious about unlocking the secret I recommend the following books

“Primal Blue Print” By mark sission
“Abs Diet” by David Zinczenko
Body By Design” by Kris Gethin

so without further ado below are the Blue Prints of my design to take you from ordinary to extraordinary.

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CarbStart (Maintain Phase)
Meal 1 carb, protein
Meal 2 carb, protein
Meal 3 protein,veggies, carbs
Meal 4 veggies(salad) protein (optional) or shakeology
Meal 5 double protein, Veggies
Meal 6 shakeology

Here are the secrets to success
1. Keep the carbs complex and fibrous, with portion sizes around 1/2 cup
2. Keep proteins lean, with portion size around 4oz
3. Veggies are free food eat as many as you want
4. always adjust to your body, if oats don’t sit well with your stomach try a  small piece of fruit
5. your last meal should always be liquid based
6. Limit your dairy or cut it completely

Alternative Blue Prints

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Primal Forage (Cutting Phase)  
(2017 update)
This is Targeted at a 50% protein /30% Fats/ 20% carbs
meal1 Carb, protein
meal2 Veggies, protein
meal 3 fruit, nuts
meal 4 Salad or shakeology
meal 5 double protein, Veggies
meal 6 protein shake or shakeology

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PastaFinish (Building Phase)
meal1 shakeology
meal2 carb, protein
meal 3 protein,veggies, carb
meal 4  carb, protein
meal 5 double protein, carb, Veggies
meal 6 casein protein shake or mass gainer

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  1. Karen
    | Reply

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Dan
    | Reply

    Love the way you break this down simply. Carb, protein, veggie. Nothing complex and totally flexible makes it easy to understand. Nice!

    • Mythicon
      | Reply

      Easy Diet makes an easy transition to Life Style 🙂

  3. Angie
    | Reply

    LOVE the primal forage

    • Mythicon
      | Reply

      its a great design if you like fruit 😀

  4. Jim
    | Reply

    That’s a great outline of the stuff you ate to get to where you are now. It looks like you never had to be hungry either, just feed your body properly.

    • Mythicon
      | Reply

      I eat a ton of food, at first its hard to eat that much but you get use to it.

  5. Skinny Hardgainer
    | Reply

    They should give out awards for blog posts…

  6. Skinny Hardgainer
    | Reply

    I found this post while Googling… very well written – thanks for your time. I’ve linked you to a related article, which you may find interesting.

  7. Archit Sharma
    | Reply

    Hey where can i download the books you mentioned without spending the bucks??

  8. Archit Sharma
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    can u send body of design on my id : please?

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