What are carbs?

Carbs ( short for carbohydrates) are one of the main nutrients available to us. There are Carbs found throughout the found chain. Known as simple or complex, carbohydrates can be found in nature. They can be good and bad for you depending on when you eat them and which type. Most carbs converted to glucose (blood sugar) by body and used immediately as energy. Extra glucose is stored in our muscles as glycogen (fuel) for later use . It is the fuel you burn with running, lifting weights or any kind of strenuous activity.

What are the carb types:

SimpleSweet ( fruits, vegetables, milk,Corn syrups and table sugar)
Complex: Fibrous/starchy (whole grain breads, cereals, vegetables and bean)

Are Carbs Bad for youWhen are carbs good  or bad for you?

Contrary to what Dr. Adkins would have you believe, carbohydrates are an essential source of energy. Depending on their complexity carbohydrates can be your best friend or your worst enemy.  Generally they are bad for you in the evening or during a time of rest. I always say Carbstart your day don’t Pastafinish it. That means  complex carbs are great to start your day, but bad for you late in the evening. While simple carbs are best used to replenish glycogen after a hard workout or other activity.

Pro-Tip: if you consume a 3:1 simple carbs to protein meal (such as a recovery drink or shakeology) just after a workout it can help with recovery and muscle growth.

Are carbs the enemy? You decide and comment below!

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