weightloss award

My Transformation Story So Far

I very rarely tell my entire story but today is one of those days. I was never the thin kid. I have spent most of my life on heavy side. I always gave off the happy vibe so you would never have known , i hated how i looked. I wore baggy cloths and slumped to hide what couldn’t be…

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vanilla shakeology

Vanilla Shakeology

Ok as you know Shakeology is one of those few must have products on my list of weight loss supplements. The video explains it better than i could,but those of you that don’t know. Shakeology is a meal replacement shake. It gives you all the goodies your body needs. Phytonutrients, prebiotic,probiotics and a ton of Superfoods (goji berry ,acai berry, suma…

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P90x2 Strength Phase Review

This has been a few months coming but its here Below i give a short example of how a feel about each but i recommend reading my reviews for the workouts or my p90x2 journal from phase two.  Hope it helps in the mean time  If you haven’t yet feel free to  join in on the quest to  get #SuperHeroRipped. P90x2 Strength Phase Review Overall…

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The Mighty Roar of Life

We all struggle with finding who we are and where we belong in life.  When we were kids it seemed so easy just make friends, play and love life. However somewhere along the journey we got held up in a spiders web. Some will fight their way out and continue living , others will just lay there and await their…

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