sweet sweat review

Fitness Review- Sports Research Sweet Sweat

Sweet Sweat Workout Enhancer I love to try new things when it comes to health and fitness. One of the benefits of attending the Arnold Classic Expo every year is you meet some great people and learn about companies you may have never heard of before. Sports Research was one of those companies for me. Their flag-ship product is something…

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comfort zone

When should you modify a workout?

if you haven’t yet feel free to make me your coach ,and  join in on the quest to get #SuperHeroRipped, Many of the workout programs you see with Beachbody have a low impact modifier,but when should you Modify?  I was doing my First Day of FocusT25 and realized about half way through i was doing some of the modified movements and i didn’t need to0. I…

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P90x2 Strength Phase Review

This has been a few months coming but its here Below i give a short example of how a feel about each but i recommend reading my reviews for the workouts or my p90x2 journal from phase two.  Hope it helps in the mean time  If you haven’t yet feel free to  join in on the quest to  get #SuperHeroRipped. P90x2 Strength Phase Review Overall…

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P90x2 Foundation Phase Review

P90x2 Foundation Phase Review Now where to start. well I  originally thought foundation phase was gonna be a waste of time and i should just jump to  strength phase . I am glad I choose to hang with foundation. The amount of balance and strength you actually gain in the first phase is pretty crazy. Keep track of every rep on…

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