Super gladiator

Arena of Life

 We often spend so much of our energy doing the things that don’t matter we forget to do the things that do matter.  It’s hard not to get caught up in the grind, but at some point you need to take a stand. You need to get off the sideline and step into the arena. A smart man said it…

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would you pay per pound to lose weight?

How much would you pay per pound to lose weight?Seems like a silly question but it is one i have begun to ask people. If you could pay $400 to lose 20 lbs and fit in a smaller pair of jeans i bet you would do it. Yet the idea of spending that same money or less on a fitness…

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Frozen by fear

We are , more often than we realize , frozen by fear. Fear of success Fear of failure Fear of the unknown It prevents us from taking the necessary steps in our lives, crushing our potential. Keeping us from ever achieving the results we so desperately desire. Fear is the reason many will never attempt P90x or Insanity. Conjuring up…

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P90X Transformation: Scott Shoup

I’m Scott Shoup from Columbus, Ohio. I got #SuperHeroRipped, and lost 71 pounds, 22% body fat, and 10.5″ from my waist with Turbo Jam and P90X, forever changing my life and giving me the Beachbody I always wanted. Prior to beginning my transformation, I wasn’t in a very good place physically or psychologically. After developing bad eating habits as a wrestler in high school…

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