Femme Fatale: The Beauty of Muscle

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Featured Image by: Artgerm Wonder Woman is the primary example of a strong female in a male dominated society. She exudes confidence  and power. Many women in todays world would kill to be as sleek and beautiful as wonder woman. They dream of … Read More

Origin of a Hero

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Chances are you were not the subject of military experimentation,born with mutant powers, bitten by a radioactive spider, or gifted to earth by the dieing planet krypton.  That does not mean you can’t be a hero. you see them every day. People who display … Read More

Jokes on you: Life is full of Obstacles

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“Wanna know how i got these scars?”  -The joker (Played by Heath Ledger) If you think the problems you have are the only ones you will ever have, well as the joker would say; Jokes on you ,cause life is full … Read More

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