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Fitness Failure: Completing Your Journey

if you haven’t yet feel free to make me your coach ,and  join in on the quest to get #SuperHeroRipped, Fitness Failure: Completing Your Journey I think we have all started a workout program or diet at sometime in the past. We all pretty much start out the same. Excited on Friday, prepared on Sunday and motivated on Monday yet come Thursday we may have given…

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My Transformation Story So Far

I very rarely tell my entire story but today is one of those days. I was never the thin kid. I have spent most of my life on heavy side. I always gave off the happy vibe so you would never have known , i hated how i looked. I wore baggy cloths and slumped to hide what couldn’t be…

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The Mighty Roar of Life

We all struggle with finding who we are and where we belong in life.  When we were kids it seemed so easy just make friends, play and love life. However somewhere along the journey we got held up in a spiders web. Some will fight their way out and continue living , others will just lay there and await their…

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What Dreams Will Die?

This time i bring you a bodybuilding video and a quote from the venerable les brown. He ask the question what dreams will die with you?  Think about professor X, his dream of mutants and humans living in harmony may very well die with him, but the idea of the X–men will live on. His legacy started as an idea…

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