would you pay per pound to lose weight?

How much would you pay per pound to lose weight?Seems like a silly question but it is one i have begun to ask people. If you could pay $400 to lose 20 lbs and fit in a smaller pair of jeans i bet you would do it. Yet the idea of spending that same money or less on a fitness…

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Coach Success Story: Vegas

Watch this video and see how being a coach and completing p90x helped change the lives of a man and his son forever. Real Heroes Changing the world and leading by example. If you want follow in their foots steps pleas join our team!

Life has No limits

If right now a voice told you that your destiny was written in the stars long ago would you listen? If you knew no matter what you did today you would not fail tomorrow , what would you do? We have not only imposed limits on ourselves but we have allowed others , from our parents and friends to co-workers and strangers, to do…

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Battle Scars: Living with Stretchmarks

I wear my scars proudly, they are part of who I am and show me who i never want to be again. -Romall Smith I have lost over a 100lbs using Beachbody workouts and shakeology. I am always asked how did you do it ,whats your seacret, was it easy? Funny enough though, the most common question people ask me…

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