Choose not to fall

all you have control of is now -  Daniel Ilabaca Humans and Super humans a like share a fear… The fear of falling. It may be the fear of falling from a ledge or the fear of falling from grace but the fear is the same. We spend our lives struggling and striving to get to the top of what ever…

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Beyond the Shadow of Greatness

You were born an original. Don’t die a copy. ~John Mason I aspire to be a Parkour athlete, but I can not be Ryan Doyle. I aspire to be a martial artist,but I can not be Bruce Lee. I aspire to be a superstar beachbody coach, but i can not be Wayne Wyatt Why?! Because I am who I am, and they are who…

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Parkour Vision

what you have done is not what you are doing nor is it what you will do. Everyone has big dreams and master plans  in high school but what about 5, 10 , 15 years after you have thrown the cap and gown into storage? You look at industry power houses  like Josh Spencer, Tony Robbins, or even Tim Ferris.  They got where they are…

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Parkour: Have no Fear

Parkour like any extreme sport or activity requires not only talent and physical training but also an unshakable will. Doesn’t matter if the rest of the world believes you could fail at any moment. You have to believe  you can’t fail.  DareDevil is known as the man with out fear. The blind superhero relies on his other senses as he jumps from roof top to roof top battling…

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