X2 yoga, Crane pose

Day 33 of P90x2 – X2 Yoga

My weakness isn’t kryptonite or magic like superman. It is simply procrastination. Given the chance i will put off just about  anything till last minute.  I wasn’t really feeling yoga like today. Sore tired and pretty much not motivated even slightly.   SO my procrastination had all the help it  needed to  push my workout off till well never . I had put the disc in and let it sit on the  title screen for a while. all of a sudden my son looked at the screen and asked me if we were gonna do yoga.  He awkwardly tried to do a warrior one. I laughed and started the workout. Magically an hour went by in minutes. Though i didn’t feel like starting X2 yoga i sure as heck enjoyed it. I felt really good  and stress free by the time i finished. It has me considering adding the  Ho ala ke  kino  dvd i got when i did power90  to my morning routine just to see what happens


Cool Yoga stuff

  • I can almost hold crane pose for a full 10 seconds.
  • Yoga loosens the joints but not so much the muscles. (X2 recovery and the foam roller are great for that)
  • Ohms can reduce depression and stress levels
  • Namaste can mean greetings or any of the following:
  • – The Spirit in me meets or honors the same Spirit in you.
    – I salute the Light of God in you.
    – I bow to the divine in you.
    – The God in me sees and honors the God in you.
    – May the God within you, bless you.
    – The Divine within me sees and honors the Divine within you.


Dont forget – if you haven’t yet feel free to make me your coach ,and  join in on the quest to  #GetSuperHeroRipped with that Namaste  my friends

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