When is the last time you actually ran to the store? Few people go outside if its not to travel to work, to an event or to get food,even less do so with out driving or taking a bus. The reason… its faster.

The human body is the most advanced piece of technology on the planet. People just don’t use their bodies anymore. They don’t use them to travel and they don’t use their bodies at the events.  However, what if you could outrun a car?

You see it in comics all the time. Spider-man, Ninja Turtles, Daredevil they all chases the bad guy from the roof tops. They are superheroes what about you? could you do that? could you use that same speed to run to the store or to work everyday?

I think Parkour Athletes and Free Runners can. The way they use the human body is the way we were meant to use them.They are agile and quick both in movement and reaction time.  I would love to see the results of a parkour athlete after 30 days in the asylum, but none have stepped up yet. If you want to be the first email me Superheroripped@gmail.com
I would love to work with you. In the mean time Watch the video below and please leave comments.

romall smith

2 thoughts on “Fantasy Friday: Can You Outrun a Car?”

  1. Great idea and cool video! I’m finishing up Asylum this week, and I could see how a freerunner or parkour athlete would benefit greatly from this sort of training.

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