Femme Fatale: The Beauty of Muscle

Featured Image by: Artgerm

Wonder Woman is the primary example of a strong female in a male dominated society. She exudes confidence  and power. Many women in todays world would kill to be as sleek and beautiful as wonder woman. They dream of her curves and wish for her strength. Some would give it all to look as good in jeans and a t-shirt as she does in almost nothing.

Sadly few will ever achieve that…

Truth be told, most will never achieve that…

Why? Because they are afraid of muscle and forget (or don’t know) that it takes muscle
to look like that.   They are afraid lifting weights will cause  bulging biceps, afraid
they will have large thighs from squats, and afraid they will have a rippling back from pull ups. 

The image of a female body builder like Isis Kyle, that captures their
imagination and won’t let go is not one they have to worry about. It take a certain amount of testosterone to develop muscles of that size.

Most women DO NOT have enough testosterone to grow muscle like she does.
What I am saying is you could lift hour after hour and drink protein shake after protein shake and never be as big as the wonderful Ms. Olympia Isis Kyle.
(on the left)

Chances are you will end up with a body like Jamie Easton (on the right) Toned and shapely, able to look good in the mirror naked or out on the town in a dress.  Don’t Fear muscle…Love it.  People both men and women Love muscle, they Love the way it looks they Love the way it feels. If you want to have a body like Jamie or if you want to look great when you hit the club on the weekends you need muscle .

Their are alot of way you can go about getting started.

Click to learn more about jamie

Click to learn more about jamie


  1. First look at your diet, Nutrition is key when it comes to changing your body
  2. Home workouts like P90XBrazil Butt Lift and ChaLean Extreme are a fantastic way to get started
  3. If you are low on cash but still need something home based check out Bodyrock
  4. Of course if you have the time and money hitting the gym with a person trainer will work too

No matter what direction you take make sure you have someone to help you along the way and keep you accountable.We have many Heroes on our team ready and will to help you follow in wonder womans, amazonian foot steps with the body of a goddess.  Click here, then tells us your story.
That way we can match you with a Hero that can help you become extraordinary.

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