All the info you need to learn Google+ , It can and will be valuable tool in your business. Remember, you have to focus on what works for you. Social media and how you use it will be as unique as your target market. If you don’t get Facebook, or Twitter maybe you will get Google+. In the end you don’t have to do all of them you just have to do one of them well.

Those of you with blogs, i highly recommend you focus your attention on Google+. The way it is tied into search engines now and in the future, it will be the social media to drive traffic to your site.

Google+ is here to stay. It will be a permanent social layer on top of Google’s other web properties which are already used by one billion people each month. By investing a little time and effort to set up and organize your circles and to install Google+ apps on your smart phone, you will soon find that Google+ empowers you to personalize your stream and your sharing like never before.

Finally, if you try Google+ and feel skeptical at first, please follow  these people
+Romall Smith
+Angela Horton
+Felicia Day
+Guy Kawasaki

For those that didn’t want to drop Myspace, don’t want to leave Facebook and never wanted to Tweet
How Google+ will succeed and why you’ll use it whether you want to or not.”

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