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Ever wonder how many calories you burn doing a p90x2 workout? well wonder no further. Here are the numbers i use. hopefully this will help you out a little bit. Remember Calorie Burn Numbers Based on 170lbs and normal level of intensity. These numbers will be altered by Fat burners, Preworkouts , Intensity,fat to muscle ratio and  body size and best used as a rough estimate for your own caloric count.

  • Foundation week: 2300  Calorie Average
  • Strength Week:   3400  Calorie Average
  • Performance Week: 2900 Calorie Average


P90X2-Workout-Schedule , calories burned

Base & Back:
830 calories per workout

Chest & Back & Balance:
620 calories per workout

P.A.P Lower:
710  calories per workout

P.A.P Upper:
470 calories per workout

830 calories per workout

 V Sculpt:
620 calories per workout

X2 Ab Ripper:
110 calories per workout

X2 Balance & Power:
295 calories per workout

X2 Chest & Shoulder & Tris:
460 calories per workout

X2 Recovery and Mobility:
150 calories per workout

X2 Shoulders & Arms:
462 calories per workout

 X2 Total Body:
331 calories per workout

X2 Yoga:
200 calories per workout

300 calories per workout

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