Aright gang the time has come to kick the tires and light some fires. One of the best ways to achieve great results in anything is to form a team to get it done. When you have a small group of people focused on the same goals, with the same tools and drive by a similar desire you have a team that is unstoppable. That is why I am putting together several fitness super teams.

These Teams ill be built from groups of 5 people. Each team will be doing the same program, using the same supplements, and staying accountable to each other, all while having ME as thier coach. Each team of will have a Facebook group (with a team name your group can choose), That will be where all 6 of us stay in contact during the course of your program.

Are there any prizes? YES! We are giving away a ton of prizes
Daily : from ipads to $500 cash
Monthly : up to $1000
Quarterly : Up to $10,000
Grand Prize: $100,000


One of our awesome trainers (like Tony Horton) host a conference call to get everyone motivated. The catch is we have to get enough teams formed to qualify for the call. Once you join the challenge get your friends to join as well for the call of a life time.

Beachboy Challenge


You Must Take the Challenge and purchase a Challenge pack from me (Here)


or meet the following requirements:

You have to make sure I am your Coach (Make me your coach here)
You Have to Own the program of choice (if you don’t own it buy it here)
You Have to Order Shakeology on Home Direct (you can order it here)

These requirements are non-negotiable. The reason being is if you don’t wn the same program everyon in your team is doing you cant really help them get through it as a comrade in arms. Shakeology is one of few things you can do to dramatically increase the effects of the hard work you put in with exercise and diet. once you reach all the requirements to join a group, email me at and I will add you to a team that fits your personal goals. Hope to hear fro you soon

Romall Smith



If you still have questions watch this short video
then send me an email and ill do my best to answer.

romall smith

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