Jokes on you: Life is full of Obstacles

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“Wanna know how i got these scars?”  -The joker (Played by Heath Ledger)

If you think the problems you have are the only ones you will ever have, well as the joker would say; Jokes on you ,cause life is full of obstacles. Hundreds of Movies, Thousands of songs and Millions of Pages  are written about life’s Obstacles. Some are simple issues we let consume us others are life altering events we allow to paralyze us. Either way, everyone wants to tell you how you should feel and how you should deal with it.  We can’t change the cards fate has chosen to deal, but we have more power over our lives then we know.

We can change the rules of the game. We can make choices that dramatically change the course that fate seems to have set for us. Maybe you are in a divorce, maybe you are a hundred pound over weight, maybe you lost someone close to you.  Any of those thing can consume or control your life if you let them, and right fully so each one is tragic in its own way.

why so serious?

The honest Truth is,

No one can tell you the pain you feel isn’t real…
No one can tell you the fears you have aren’t real…
No one can tell you that life is not as bad as you think…
No one can tell you to make a choice and move forward…

No one except You

make a choice to be extraordinary, to save a life, starting with your own.

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  1. gaucho
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  2. 抓姦
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  3. kolorowanki
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    What a post. Thanks a lot!

  4. Angie
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    Love this post! I’m working through a lot of mental blocks myself. I guess it really is easier to mope and dwell on the problems than to push them aside and get things done!! Not hurting anyone but yourself if you can’t 🙂
    Easier said than done? yes, Worth while to make it happen? DEFINITELY!!

  5. kolorowanki
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    • Mythicon
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      glad you liked it

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