How to Lose Fat Fast: A Definitive Guide

The blob may have been the immovable object but he was no wolverine or hulk. Growing up kids didn’t run around
with blob toys. They didn’t look forward to the next issue of The blob. I’m pretty sure none of them dressed as the blob
for Halloween. Why is it so many of us look like him later in life? well i’ll let you in on the fitness industry’s worst kept secret.

If you are going to lose fat fast you need the basics of a system we call PD.E.S.  Its a system that can not fail if you stick to it.
Every single success story you have ever seen on from TV to YouTube has used some form of this system.
PD.E.S. means proper diet, exercise and support. those three simple concepts are the basis of  any transformation
weathers its rapid fat loss or muscle gain.

Diet  off the fat Proper Diet : To feed the Muscle and Starve the fat

Some say diet is 90% of the work others say 70%. Truth is it depends on how far you are from your goal.
No matter how you slice it , what you eat can and will determine  how fast you lose weight if at all.
Crash diets and fad diet are for the birds. You need a life style change. It could be as simple as not drinking
all your calories with beer and soda or as complex as going vegan. Either way you  have to make changes.
I cover the basics in (5 laws of weight-loss)
I cover my diet in (My Diet BluePrint)

Diet to Exercise Ratio:
100lbs  to lose = Diet: 70% Exercise 30%
50lbs  to lose = Diet: 80% Exercise 20%
10lbs  to lose = Diet: 90% Exercise 10%

Rapid fat loss comes from  having a caloric deficit with the correct macro nutrient
ratio to support muscle  maintenance. 1500-1800 calories 45-50% protein/30-35% carbs /20% fat
The increase in protein will reduce the amount catabilism of your muscles for aminoacids.
The decrease in carbs will force your body to use the stored energy in your fat cells as fuel.
If you need help figuring out your personal requirements feel free to contact me
Example of a  45/35/20 diet in grams
Calories 1640, 185g Protein , 145g Carbs , 36g Fat

Screw the gym stay home and lose weight Exercise: to build the muscle and burn the fat

There are a ton of options available to you when it comes to a workout program:
You can buy a fitness magazine and hit the gym. You can google weight loss and surf till something
sounds good. However I am going to talk about what i know, Beachbody programs. They have worked
for not only me, but my friends, familiy, and customers as well.

So lets take a serious look at these life changing DvDs
Lose fat fast up to 100lbsPower90: ( Duration: 30-60 mins for 90 days) Beginner
if you have 100lbs  to lose this is the program i highly recommend
You alternate between basic aerobics and calisthenics for 90 days

lose thigh fatBrazil Butt Lift: ( Duration: 30-45 mins for 30days) Beginner
If you love to dance or enjoy Zumba, BBL is your ticket to a great body
Its a blend of cardio and light weights to tone your thighs, glutes and core.

After burn your bodyTurboFire: Duration: 10-60 mins for 120 days Beginner-Intermediate
High intensity cardio patterned after the very popular turbokick program seen in LA fitness clubs. Its intend to create an After-burn effect (burn calories all day) Its like cardio Kick Boxing with a hint of dance and a good soundtrack

Get ripped in 90 daysP90x: ( Duration: 60 mins for 90 days) Intermediate-Advanced
If you have spent time in a gym but not gotten results here you go
Its centered around Push ups, Pull ups, and weights. The cardio is generic.

ripped60 daysInsanity: (Duration: 30-45 mins for 60 days)Intermediate-Advanced
If you love intense cardio or running this ones for you, no equipment needed.
You will push hard for 3 minutes rest for 30 second then do it again.

become an athlete in 30 days Asylum:( Duration: 40-60 mins for 30 days) Advanced -Professional
If you want to experience professional sports training step into the asylum
Everyday is a mix of strength and cardio to make you jump higher,
run faster and play harder. This is about performance increase.

Btw:  There is a way to lose weight and not workout.  You will need to follow a strict diet Like the 21 day fix or the ultimate reset.

Personal fitness Support: To keep you on track to lose the fat

Having some to hold you accountable and support you is worth your weight in gold. That is why the Biggest loser
is so popular. People know they need support to reach their goal but don’t have it at home. Thing is you don’t need
to stay on a ranch and get screamed at everyday to have success in your weight loss journey.

There are many option out there to get that support here is a list of just a few:
Myfitnesspal: There is a community of people just like you helping one another everyday
BodySpace: Its like Facebook for fitness fans, a great place to meet people with similar goals
TNation: A site dedicated to those  that want to be bodybuilders/fitness models
Free Personal Coach: see below
IFBB Pro Trainer: checkout Ryan Hughes HERE, the man knows what it takes to compete and can help you.

Free Personal Beachbody Coach:
I can tell you having a coach can make or break your level of success. My coach helped to point me in the right direction
when i started. They are there to check on, motivate and guide you from start to finish. Your success is their success,
you place your faith in the system i promise nothing and i mean NOTHING will stop you from achieving your goals.
Need a coach? Im just a click a way –> Make me your Coach it’s free

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