Anyone that has seen the p90x infomercial always ask the question what is muscle confusion?  Is its real or some gimmick used to sell DVDs? I can tell you I think it is a real and i know it sells DVDs. However the question of  what is muscle confusion has a simple and a complex answer. I’ll try to explain below and  let you make up your own mind.

Muscle Confusion – The Simple Answer

Muscle Confusion p90x2
It is a process of changing or varying up your workout and activity to cause
your body to progressively adapt. P90x isn’t the first program to use
muscle confusion its just the one that coined the phrase.
Simple Test: Do as many push ups as you can just normal hand  position. Wait till you feel recovered now do it again starting with wide and as you get tired keep bringing your hand closer you your body. Chances are you will get more reps than the first test. Yes you are transferring some of the stress to other muscles but in the end you are still hitting your chest.

Muscle Confusion – The Complex answer

The human body is an example of  adaptability.  If you had chicken pox as a child chances are you have developed an immunity to it and won’t get it again.  That kind of adaptability is active in all things you. Example:  if you curl a 30 lb weight, 100 times a day, in 3 count cadence for 3 months at some point your strength will stop increasing.  If you did the same thing but changed the cadence from 3 count by adding 1 count each week you would be stronger than if didn’t.

Muscle Confusion as mentioned in the P90x and P90x2 programs is a way of describing the 3 phases of Adaption mastery you experience throughout the program. Foundation Phase, Adaptive Phase, and Growth Phase. The methods used in both programs can be used in your workouts at the gym if you know what you are doing. Need help figuring out what to do exactly? Let me coach you from beginning to end.

Muscle Confusion Coach
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My man Steve Edwards is an expert on all things muscle confusion and p90x. I found a video of him explaining it in detail for you. Hopefully this will help you in deciding if you muscle confusion is real or a gimmick used to sell workout programs.

Muscle Confusion explained by: Steve Edwards

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