Chances are this is not your first year of resolutions. Chances are you have made the same one over and over again
Quit smoking
Quick Drinking
lose weight
live life better

Yet here we are again. You want to know the reason?
The reason why you suffer the same resolution year after year?

One word … Support

If you had a good support system not one that has no vested interest in your success , then you would be successful. I once committed my self to a grueling 6 months to lose over 100 lbs. I have watched people give up drug addiction. You just need someone willing to stand with you during your darkest hour. when you give up on yourself and only a helping hand can bring you back from the brink of failure.

Team SuperHero will begin an expansion this year into everything from comic reviews to cosplay to parkour. We would love to be that support team for you. We specialize in fitness but we are so much more than just a fitness team. Our life experiences are yours to be learned from.  If you are ready to be a success storycontact us and lets get this year rolling!

romall smith

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