This one is tough even for me. “Wait dont you sell shakeology for a living?” Yes i do , it has been my main source of income since its release in 2009. ┬áThat being said i am human just like any of you.

Yes I know the value of shakeology better than most. I have had my best results while drinking it. I have watched it change the lives and eating habits of hundreds of people.  Personally it is one of my favorite treats. However there have been times where a major life event required me to empty my bank account.

If the choice is order shakeology or fix my car. The car will win.
If its order shakeology or buy a new grapics card, kickstart a boardgame or go shopping at the mall. Shakeology will win everytime.

You can order it orget more info on my shakeology page HERE

romall smith

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