P90x2 Day 12 – X2 Yoga


Today was day Twelve of P90x2 – X2 Yoga

I did not curse at the screen
I did not burn out half way through.
I did not want to quit after my first chair pose.
X2 yoga was easier this week as all the workouts seem to have been.

Instead i went in and tried to relax and enjoy it.  I focused on getting better at what i had not been very good at in the past and i opened my mind to  the idea this could be the best workout of p90x2.  what X2 yoga did for me this time was interesting. First I managed to hold a crane pose for 3 seconds!  Then I was able to reach around my body like i have never been able to. Last week i feel as sleep on the floor during dead mans pose, this week i finished the ohms  with  extra energy. I am not sure at what point it happened but i stopped thinking about my day. I stopped analyzing my past and  I stopped wondering about my future . In the end X2 yoga turned out to be a mind clearing 64 minutes of stretches. Funny enough,  If you missed my week one review definitely have a read it is completely different from this one.

X2 yoga, Crane pose

I found a few poses i would love to be able to hold for thirty seconds to a minute. Starting with crane pose and working my through one legged arm balance and eventually up to firefly! Not sure if i am starting to like yoga or if tony is just brain washing me, guess we will see at the end of  this round of p90x2. If you are on the journey please leave a comment below, if you are not on the path yet i hope you will join me on my quest to  #GetSuperHeroRipped.  Namaste my friends!