Today was Day 27 P90x2  Base and Back

well well well there it is …. LEG DAY!  don’t let the name Base and Back fool you. This is really p90x2 leg day with a touch of back. It isn’t weighted like the previous incarnation  however it still delivers. Once again it is a functional fitness with body weight workout.  My numbers may not seem impressive but  this workout shows that i have not been doing plyocide nearly enough.  Make sure you are adding assisted pull ups to  increase your work load. more work more growth.  When you plan on going from ordinary to extraordinary , this is the kind of routine you expect.  What i mean is  Base and Back is relentless and  lets you know real quick,


no jokes  like any of the p90x2 workouts. If you give 100% it will return the favor with 120% punishment and growth.
if you aren’t  willing to give your all in this one, then  go hit the squat rack and don’t waste your time.

I will be doing strength phase four maybe five weeks so you will see these numbers get better.  In the mean time if you haven’t yet make me your coach and join the journey

Base and Back


Total Un-Assisted Pull-Ups 38
Total Assisted Pull-Ups 34

Day27BB1of2Base Back



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