P90x2 Day5- X2 Yoga


Today was day five of P90x2 – X2 Yoga

X2 Yoga, Tony Horton, Romall Smith

They’re programmed man, I’ve got them all programmed.

SO here is the thing. I hate yoga. I really really do. I am the most non flexible person you will ever meet. I had the chance to do X2 Yoga with Tony Horton himself when i was in LA. The thing that sticks out most is him saying “Take the energy out of your face, that won’t make it any easier. Breath and be in the moment. You will get more flexible and with flexibility and strength comes real power.”

So i tried that today. I didn’t grimace or grunt, i just did my best and tried to enjoy the moment. The result was me still in pain, still struggling, but i defiantly did better than i was expecting. Not to mention I felt connect to the moves, were in p90x i just prayed i could make it to the end. X2 Yoga is shorter and the moves aren’t as annoying. I am still not a fan of yoga by any means Author Paul S. Kemp said it best.

LOL, However I better understand its purpose in the program. My goal with X2 Yoga is to do a crane pose and not smash my face next time… yea use a pillow first time out… seriously that hurts.  Hopefully you are along for the ride with me. If not feel free to join me on the journey #GetSuperHeroRipped

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