P90x2 Day9 – Plyocide


Today was day nine of P90x2 – Plyocide!!!

I was ready and brought my A game this week, I carbed up had some pre-workout protein and throw my blu-ray in the drive. Prepared for glory! 58 mins later i was sprawled out on the floor fading in and out of consciousness. Don’t get me wrong i showed up and out did my self , that said Plyocide showed up and too.  This workout is one the harder you push the harder it is. Cardio seems to always be that way for me. Even when i was with the Airforce and would run a few miles everyday it never got easier i just got more and more use to it. I am not sure i will ever get used to Plyocide. Spartan lunges are my favorite move for sure. I did it again with a 15lbs weight (no haven’t broke out the captain america shield yet, but when i do you will get a video promise.

  • Notes-
  • If you are gonna use a dumbbell over a med ball for the weighted Katherine lunges be careful DON’T SMASH YOUR FACE.
  • Jack in the box knee tucks are what spider man would do to jump a car. envision the car, it helps 🙂
  • If you are not well hydrated you can wipe out on surfer spins.

Other than that great follow up to my last run , no i didn’t puke , wanted to but i couldn’t move from the floor so that would have been messy. I would love to hear how you are doing on your quest. Leave a comment below and tell me, also if you haven’t started yet free to join me on the journey #GetSuperHeroRipped


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