P90x2 Foundation Phase Review

Now where to start. well I  originally thought foundation phase was gonna be a waste of time and i should just jump to  strength phase . I am glad I choose to hang with foundation.

The amount of balance and strength you actually gain in the first phase is pretty crazy. Keep track of every rep on a worksheet or spreed sheet. If you don’t you may not even notice how far will go in just a couple of short week. I chose to only do three weeks worth but you could easily stay in the phase a good four or five weeks. If you want to really look at it, depending on your level this could be a full program. Below i give a short example of how a feel about each but i recommend reading my reviews for the workouts or my p90x2 journal from phase  one.  Hope it helps in the mean time  If you haven’t yet feel free to  join in on the quest to  #GetSuperHeroRipped.

Foundation Phase Review
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Overall – 7 out of 10

  • Great for a beginner or someone just getting back to it
  • You don’t move enough Iron coming from p90x
  • The gains you get will be noticeable

X2 Core

Not excited about it at first but really started to enjoy some of the moves toward the end.  This workout and X2 total body are the ones i think really give you the most in Foundation phase. You don’t use any weights but it forces you to use your core


Seems like it will just be Plyometric part two but it is soo much more. In a way its the leg workout for Foundation phase. I highly recommend not skipping it for other cardio. If you push past your limits it is a great cardio day.

X2 Recovery + Mobility

I actually did not do this one at all. mainly cause I foam rolled will watching television or reading in the evening. That said I will definitely be doing this during strength. I think a guided routine will help keep me from being so sore.

X2 Total Body

Loved this one. It is the one that made me feel the most super heroic. Its the only real weight lifting day of foundation phase and if you bring your a game it will crush you.

X2 yoga

No one starts loving yoga but if you give it a real chance it can chance the way you view so many parts of your day. You may even find yourself doing a crane pose randomly through out the day. X2 yoga is not advanced yoga so its great for a beginner

X2 Balance + Power

Not a fan at all. very balance based not enough power. had a few good moves but not very enjoyable to me.  would love to hear other opinions on this one.

X2 Ab Ripper

I ran through the routine and decided i would not punish my self after total body and have held of X2 ab ripper till strength phase. I will tell you this, it is easier than Ab ripper X

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