The 5 Laws of Weight-loss

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“I am the LAW!” – Judge Dredd Law #1 There is no magic pill There isn’t, no matter what uncle joes friend tammi told your sister there is NO magic pill. There are things that can help along the way. … Read More

My Personal Legend

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.One day, while I looked in the mirror, a realization hit me like a crashing wave.I was ashamed of the man looking back at me My life was not where it should be. I had strayed from the path of … Read More

Choice: the greatest power of all?

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“from the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked” – Luke 12:48 Comic lovers have always been asked “what super power would you want most?”. The easy answer is all of them. The real question that … Read More

Femme Fatale: The Beauty of Muscle

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Featured Image by: Artgerm Wonder Woman is the primary example of a strong female in a male dominated society. She exudes confidence  and power. Many women in todays world would kill to be as sleek and beautiful as wonder woman. They dream of … Read More

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