THE NINTH LEVEL is a collection of science fiction and science fantasy stories that will take you on an adventure from the outer rim to a galaxy far and away. Are you ready for a journey to the edge of reality and beyond?

“Out on the Rim” follows the Korriana and her crew as they traverse the dangers of mining asteroids in the Kuiper belt. Met by more than rocks and ice, join Aiyana as she lays it all on the line for crew and country. 

What would you do if you had the opportunity to visit a past life? In the story, “Seventy-Two” Mika is given that opportunity. Touching the edge of reality, she quickly learns not all dreams are realized for a reason. 

Accelerate to “Full Throttle” with Oriana as she blows down busy streets in her green racer. Why is she in such a hurry? Hop in the back seat and find out. 

Finally, keep an eye on the prize and take a shot at ascension to the “Ninth Level” of power and mystery. In a galaxy, far and away from our own only a few wizards ever achieve that level of skill. Grynx believes he is that one in a generation. If only he could stop messing up spells.