Fitness is different for everyone. Some want to look like wolverine, others want to be as powerful as the hulk, and still others want to move like spider-man.  What do you think is the goal of Parkour Fitness or Free Running? In many ways i am sure it is the same as anyone who steps into the Asylum. Simply to be better at what they do. In a post apocalyptic future free running would be a way of life not just a sport or hobby. alright enough of my speeches.

Today I don’t have any epic words of wisdom, no guide to success, no key to the future.
Instead i bring you a video.  It stars a Russian by the name of Миша Кустуров (Misha).
I think he manages to captures the essence of Free Running and the purpose of Parkour.

Enjoy and don’t forget to let me know how you feel about the article,


Featured Image by: Sxeven
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