Radiate Athletics 1.0 Shirt Review

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“Athletic apparel has stayed the same for hundreds of years. But Radiate Athletics brings you interactive compression wear that visually informs you of your intensity of athletic performance by changing colors according to your body’s thermo-output. ”
-Radiate Athletics

That was what i read  a little over a year ago.  It got me excited for a new product coming from an upstart company.  I decided to help fund their kickstarter early in 2013 for these thermal fitness shirts. It has been a long year of watching and waiting.  I finally received the first shirt last week and really wanted to do a Radiate Athletics 1.0 Shirt Review.


Lets start with the good. I can say it is one of the best compression type shirts I have purchased. Easily on par with Nike’s stuff. The look and feel is excellent. I doubt there is a better quality shirt on the market right now. I used it for several combat workouts and a few Bodybeast lifting sessions. you don’t feel like its constricting anywhere it shouldn’t be. The color change is very clear. You know where your body is heating up very easily.
radiate colorchange

The bad news for this shipment of shirt is that the colors are a little mute and its very heat sensitive. I train in a warm area (75-80 degrees on avg) so the shirt is already several shades lighter before i put it on. Then it will be full transformation 5 minutes into my workout. I did train with it in a cooler area and it worked just fine. Also when i started to really sweat the sweaty areas cooled quickly so i look spotty. I have washed it twice and you can definitely see the ink is bleeding out. A little disappointing but they have said this will be corrected in future shirts. Below is a picture Christian Lauber took of the before and after washing


radiate athletic shirt

8/10 -All in all well worth the money


  • Great Quality build
  • Feels great on your skin


  • bleeding color from wash
  • mute overall colors

even if it didn’t change colors I still feel the shirt is good enough quality to warrant a purchase however as of july 2014 they are still having ton of issues with shipping and fulfillment. i recommend staying away till those issues are corrected

Photo credits go to : Christian Lauber

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