My Desire to Change

It is always my struggle. I want to create muscle with weights, but I love to destroy fat with cardio.  With so many options for home fitness routines it’s often hard to decide which program to do. In my case, I look forward to returning to P90x2 and Insanity Asylum in the future. However my body isn’t ready for that level…

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comfort zone

When should you modify a workout?

if you haven’t yet feel free to make me your coach ,and  join in on the quest to get #SuperHeroRipped, Many of the workout programs you see with Beachbody have a low impact modifier,but when should you Modify?  I was doing my First Day of FocusT25 and realized about half way through i was doing some of the modified movements and i didn’t need to0. I…

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Proper Hydration: Drinking enough water?

Are you drinking enough water? Its a question you are asked often when training hard or when its obscenely hot outside. Not many people know the symptoms of Dehydration and will spend much of their day in a dehydrated state. Everything from muscle fibers to brain tissue uses water . If you aren’t drinking enough water you will have difficulty focusing on…

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Workout Motivation

Workout Motivation is a tricky topic everyone thinks they need some level of workout motivation to complete a fitness program like P90x2 or Asylum. The Truth is you don’t need any level of motivation to finish, just a little to start. What if i told you i know the secret to getting that workout motivation you need? Step1: Understanding Workout Motivation Lets Start…

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