Parkour: Have no Fear

Parkour like any extreme sport or activity requires not only talent and physical training but also an unshakable will. Doesn’t matter if the rest of the world believes you could fail at any moment. You have to believe  you can’t fail.  DareDevil is known as the man with out fear. The blind superhero relies on his other senses as he jumps from roof top to roof top battling…

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Fantasy Friday: Can You Outrun a Car?

When is the last time you actually ran to the store? Few people go outside if its not to travel to work, to an event or to get food,even less do so with out driving or taking a bus. The reason… its faster. The human body is the most advanced piece of technology on the planet. People just don’t use their bodies anymore. They don’t use…

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The Purpose of Parkour Fitness

Fitness is different for everyone. Some want to look like wolverine, others want to be as powerful as the hulk, and still others want to move like spider-man.  What do you think is the goal of Parkour Fitness or Free Running? In many ways i am sure it is the same as anyone who steps into the Asylum. Simply to be better at…

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Free Running: Create your own reality

I want to show you a little of what is possible. When you open your mind and allow it to create its own reality. When obstacles become nothing more than platforms to elevate and launch you to another level. When you accept Bruce lee’s philosophy of using No way as way or having no limitation as limitation you become one with your actions….

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