Workout Motivation

Workout Motivation is a tricky topic everyone thinks they need some level of workout motivation to complete a fitness program like P90x2 or Asylum. The Truth is you don’t need any level of motivation to finish, just a little to start. What if i told you i know the secret to getting that workout motivation you need? Step1: Understanding Workout Motivation Lets Start…

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Beyond the Shadow of Greatness

You were born an original. Don’t die a copy. ~John Mason I aspire to be a Parkour athlete, but I can not be Ryan Doyle. I aspire to be a martial artist,but I can not be Bruce Lee. I aspire to be a superstar beachbody coach, but i can not be Wayne Wyatt Why?! Because I am who I am, and they are who…

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What keeps america fat?… America

Featured Image by Eimrehs Trust Me Captain America would not let himself go the way this country has. You hear every excuse under the sun as to why we are fat but what keeps us there? I came across the Infograpic to the right and it does a very good job of illustrating that WE are the reason america is fat….

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body by design

Body By Design: My Diet Blueprint

Everyone always wants to know what I ate throughout most of my original transformation. It has always been a difficult question. My diet was never stable enough and I didn’t do a great job of keep track. Like Tony Stark  working on Iron-Man’s flight systems, or Batman designing a new gadget for his utility belt, my diet has always be in flux. I read book after…

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