Halloween FItness challenge

The Halloween fitness challenge is a time honored tradition among many fitness / cosplay fans. It is the 60-90 day period before you have to show off your body and costume to more than just people at a convention. Sometimes i think neighbors and friends can be more critical than strangers at a con. This year I want to help you make a few…

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P90x2 Day 15 – X2 Core

Today was day Fifthteen of P90x2 – X2 Core There I was, armed and read to do battle .  Bottle of water in hand, fingers on my Trigger point roller, when i realized. I am still sore as shit from sunday. I gave it 110%  but today was not nearly as epic as i had planned it to be. I managed to…

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Military Heroes

We read  the comic book adventure of Captain America, Batman and Superman all the time. We cheer the entertaining actions of our favorite sports stars and movie stars. we even support our policemen and fire fighters. we rarely take a few moments to pay homage to our military heroes. Real Men and Women who go out everyday and do a job not…

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Job Battlefield: Is it Time for a Change?

I can say being a beachbody coach is not only one of the best decisions i made but one that has changed my life in more ways than just a paycheck.  I have made friends I would not  have other wise met. I have helped to save countless lives (including my own brother’s) in the battle against obesity. Though we are in a war against obesity I enjoy what…

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