Mike Gained Mass like Chris Evans with P90x

Featured Image by: Jprart Captain America may have been the first avenger but he was not the last. The secret of the Super Serum was discovered by a man named Darin Olien. We have reproduced the experiment in whole taking an ordinary man and turning him into an extraordinary superhuman.  Now Let me introduce you to Mike Lab,  The Next Avenger.   Mike…

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What keeps america fat?… America

Featured Image by Eimrehs Trust Me Captain America would not let himself go the way this country has. You hear every excuse under the sun as to why we are fat but what keeps us there? I came across the Infograpic to the right and it does a very good job of illustrating that WE are the reason america is fat….

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My Personal Legend

.One day, while I looked in the mirror, a realization hit me like a crashing wave.I was ashamed of the man looking back at me My life was not where it should be. I had strayed from the path of success and fallen to the dark side. I decided to take the steps necessary to correct my life and write my personal…

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