P90x3 is coming! Brace your selves

This is the program i am most excited to start with my friends and clients for the new year. I started my transformation with tony horton and power90. I think the P90x3 workouts are going to really bring the excitement back into my daily workout routine and give me more time to spend with the family.  30 minute workouts with…

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What Dreams Will Die?

This time i bring you a bodybuilding video and a quote from the venerable les brown. He ask the question what dreams will die with you?  Think about professor X, his dream of mutants and humans living in harmony may very well die with him, but the idea of the X–men will live on. His legacy started as an idea…

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P90x2 Day8 – X2 Core

Today was day eight of P90x2 – X2 Core This would be the start of week2 and i have to say i am a fan of p90X2. I will do a full 30 day look back when i get to that point. in the mean time  X2 Core was AWESOME! It is a completely different workout when you know what to expect and…

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P90x2 Day4- Total Body

Today was day Four of P90x2 – Total Body HOLY CRAP – I was expecting a day of lifting and i got it. It wasn’t quite what i expected but i am learning p90x2 never is. You do a lot of balance work throughout the workout. However don’t get me wrong you will move iron. I pushed my self as…

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