Order Shakeology or spend $140 else where

This one is tough even for me. “Wait dont you sell shakeology for a living?” Yes i do , it has been my main source of income since its release in 2009.  That being said i am human just like any of you. Yes I know the value of shakeology better than most. I have had my best results while…

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Diet and Nutrition

Diet and Nutrition My diet has not always been the greatest. I started out eating way too much, then way too little.  I even tried one of those egg cabbage diets. where all you can eat are hard boiled eggs and cabbage. Needless to say i have come along way since those days. In truth understanding how to eat on…

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fast food addiction game

Fast Food Addiction: The Game of Death

Game of Death: The Fast Food Addiction When it comes to Fast Food you may as well be playing the game of death, every time you eat at one of these places. Everything from over processed veggies and synthetic meat to fake sugar and empty calories. You roll the dice that this won’r be the sugary drink that pushes you…

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vanilla shakeology

Shakeology Recipe: Peanut Butter Creme Pudding

Shakeology Recipe: Peanut Butter Creme Pudding Those that read my article on Vanilla know how excited I am to have this new flavor.  Years of just chocolate and tropical (though enjoyable) I really wanted a vanilla shake. Once Beachbody fixed the issue with natural vanilla, they delivered this treat. Now comes the enjoyable task of being a Shakeology Mix Master….

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