P90x3 is coming! Brace your selves

This is the program i am most excited to start with my friends and clients for the new year. I started my transformation with tony horton and power90. I think the P90x3 workouts are going to really bring the excitement back into my daily workout routine and give me more time to spend with the family.  30 minute workouts with…

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P90X Transformation: Scott Shoup

I’m Scott Shoup from Columbus, Ohio. I got #SuperHeroRipped, and lost 71 pounds, 22% body fat, and 10.5″ from my waist with Turbo Jam and P90X, forever changing my life and giving me the Beachbody I always wanted. Prior to beginning my transformation, I wasn’t in a very good place physically or psychologically. After developing bad eating habits as a wrestler in high school…

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The Workout Kid

Heroes come in all shapes and sizes. This is a perfect example of that. Inspired by Tony Horton’s P90x, CJ Senter (10 years old)decided to take up arms and battle childhood obesity. Driven by a strong desire to workout and stay fit, CJ has become The Workout Kid a hero on a mission to motivate the kids of america and…

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My Personal Legend

.One day, while I looked in the mirror, a realization hit me like a crashing wave.I was ashamed of the man looking back at me My life was not where it should be. I had strayed from the path of success and fallen to the dark side. I decided to take the steps necessary to correct my life and write my personal…

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