Are you training everyday to beat the only person that can stop you from fulfilling your destiny?

Fit Evil Twin Lets just say the man in the mirror is real. You know the one that tells you everyday that that you are getting old,slow and weak. Lets just say he is younger ,faster, stronger and has decided he wants out of that mirror.

Chances are to do that he will have to kill and replace you. Snuffing out any chance of you reaching your potential.

What if i told you that man IS real. that reflection talking back to you is a manifestation of your own fears.

Those fears are the ones that have kept you in check for so many years. They keep you from changing careers. They keep you from ordering p90x2 when you see the infomercial night after night.

You are killing your own dreams…

If you don’t make a change today, right now! Those fears could very well become a reality. It is the most dangerous fight you will ever have, a battle of will …with yourself.

It takes more than just strength to win that kind of encounter. It will take not only dedication and determination but a 2 step plan.

  1. Step 1: change the things you can change 
    – Begin a workout program like p90x
    – change your eating habits
    – get a hair cut or some new cloths
    – pick a new direction for your life
  2. Step 2: Improve your outlook
    – Let go of the events of your past
    – Focus on who you will be not who you are
    – dismiss any and ALL none believers
    -end negativity ( don’t say: I Can’t, I hate, I never will)

Those simple step will go along way toward silencing your evil twin and helping you to realize your dreams. Just remember your future is in your hands but you don’t have to fight the battle alone. Let us know your goals so we can help you achieve greatness.

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