“Athletic apparel has stayed the same for hundreds of years. But Radiate Athletics brings you interactive compression wear that visually informs you of your intensity of athletic performance by changing colors according to your body’s thermo-output. ”
-Radiate Athletics

That was what i read  a little over a year ago.  It got me excited for a new product coming from an upstart company.  I decided to help fund their kickstarter early in 2013 for these thermal fitness shirts. It has been a long year of watching and waiting.  I finally received the first shirt last week and really wanted to do a Radiate Athletics 1.0 Shirt Review.


Lets start with the good. I can say it is one of the best compression type shirts I have purchased. Easily on par with Nike’s stuff. The look and feel is excellent. I doubt there is a better quality shirt on the market right now. I used it for several combat workouts and a few Bodybeast lifting sessions. you don’t feel like its constricting anywhere it shouldn’t be. The color change is very clear. You know where your body is heating up very easily.
radiate colorchange

The bad news for this shipment of shirt is that the colors are a little mute and its very heat sensitive. I train in a warm area (75-80 degrees on avg) so the shirt is already several shades lighter before i put it on. Then it will be full transformation 5 minutes into my workout. I did train with it in a cooler area and it worked just fine. Also when i started to really sweat the sweaty areas cooled quickly so i look spotty. I have washed it twice and you can definitely see the ink is bleeding out. A little disappointing but they have said this will be corrected in future shirts. Below is a picture Christian Lauber took of the before and after washing


radiate athletic shirt

8/10 -All in all well worth the money


  • Great Quality build
  • Feels great on your skin


  • bleeding color from wash
  • mute overall colors

even if it didn’t change colors I still feel the shirt is good enough quality to warrant a purchase however as of july 2014 they are still having ton of issues with shipping and fulfillment. i recommend staying away till those issues are corrected

Photo credits go to : Christian Lauber

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7 thoughts on “Radiate Athletics 1.0 Shirt Review”

  1. Radiate Athletics has a major issue on their hands.  They are being destroyed on Facebook, with http://www.RipOffReport.com and several other social media outlets because they have collected money from consumers and have failed to deliver the product ordered. 

    I was one of those consumers until I had enough of their lies and filed a report with http://www.RipOffReport.com and with my credit card company.  I forced Radiate Athletics to refund my money by involving http://www.RipOffReport.com and reporting their failure to deliver product to my credit card provider.

    Some people ordered their shirts over a year ago and still have not received them.  BEWARE OF RADIATE ATHLETICS!

    1. TroyLunsford  they have been lambasted on most social media outlets due to the delays so far. Having experienced the shirts quality i think it is well worth the wait. I would be willing to bet many of the people upset about the project will relax and change their mind after receiving their orders

  2. So you are saying that even if the product doesn’t work as advertised, was not made as advertised, and came late with many still not accounted for, you would recommend someone buy the shirts on their sites?? Let set up a paypal, I got a cool idea for some workout shirts. Send me… oh $120, I’ll send you the shirts feature full after 4 surveys at the end of the year. Well next year, unless you know my fulfillment center messes up (not my fault) Also, they won’t be quite what I told you, but as you know its a super early prototype like I said before (with many of the selling point missing, but I never promised a feature full product, dont hate)

  3. Without sarcasm this time, you are a marketers wet dream. Yes Kickstarter is an investment not a preorder, however you can’t that you’d really recommend a company that can’t handle shipping and to hold their word with any credit after all the lying. I hope to get these shirts, see if they are a nice fit, even if they are I can never recomend this company to anyone for at lest two years after they start shipping the regular run.

    1. JTT1  HAHA maybe, if you know any upstart companies send them my way 🙂 I can understand your issues. I have run into many companies over the years that failed to deliver what they promised let alone a good product. I have also run into companies with serious shipping problems(especially on KS). Here is the thing. When you ship a good product that is one or two iterations from being what you initially planned , then you are on the right track. 

      I did a KS from robotech miniatures. It was setup by a company that has been in business since the 80’s. They promised the item would ship in october of last year. That changed to half an order in june the other half in oct/nov. Reason for the delay is they have been busy or the molds weren’t were they wanted them. The reason for the half order now half order later is they are running out of money to finish the project. The point of that story is to illustrate how the time frame on a product can drastically change when it comes to a KS no matter what company is running it. 

      Don’t get me wrong radiate has screwed up big time. Everything from the over promising and lack of transparency. I would say they are at a near 95% customer burn rate. It will change once people actually get the shirts in their hands, however till then you won’t fin many supporting them. That said i still think you have a company , with a great product, on the cusp of fixing its internal issues.Kenny Crockett is not bernie madoff.  He hasn’t swindled anyone out of their money Just run into some issues i don’t think they have really detailed…

    2. JTT1  also if it happens they say shirts aren’t going to ship till late june or something in the next update. I promise you i will be the first to shred them. When dealing with “investors” there needs to be much more transparency than if you were dealing with just customers.

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